Lawns signs show CBC support in Ottawa West-Nepean


Ottawa – Supporters of the CBC launched a lawn sign campaign this weekend in the riding of Ottawa West-Nepean.

The We Vote CBC! campaign aim is to put voters’ support for the national public broadcaster on prominent display for local federal candidates to see during the lead up to the next federal election, scheduled for October 19, 2015.

“It won’t be just tulips popping up this spring. We want the next MP for Ottawa West-Nepean to be a champion of the CBC rather than someone who will tear it down,” said campaign spokesperson Jim Thompson.

Supporters of the We Vote CBC! campaign were out in force this weekend filling requests for We Vote CBC! lawn signs throughout the riding. The campaign is active in Ottawa West-Nepean because the riding is too close to say which party will win.

“Support for the CBC is an important local issue here and the candidate who offers the best platform to support and nurture the CBC will be noticed by voters here,” Thompson said.

Anyone can place an order for a lawn sign by visiting


For information: Jim Thompson 613-447-9592