Where do the political parties stand on the CBC?

FRIENDS is monitoring the policy platforms and announcements of the federal political parties.  Here is a summary of their commitments concerning the CBC.

CBC Funding

CBC Board Appointments

Political Interference*

Asset sales


“Increase CBC’s budget by $200 million each year.”**

The Conservative Party has made no comment or commitment concerning the CBC/Radio Canada during the election campaign to date though, during a French language interview on a Quebec radio station Stephen Harper denied his government cut the CBC’s budget.

“Ensure Radio Canada and CBC have adequate and stable funding, reversing the Harper Conservatives’ $117-million cut, and investing an additional $168-million and $315 million every year thereafter to rebuild the CBC and Radio-Canada’s local coverage and capacity.” “Restructure the governance structure of the public broadcaster to end the political influence of partisan cronies being appointed to the (CBC) board.” “We need unbiased, impartial, independent sources of information that are immune from political pressure.”

“Reverse Stephen Harper’s cuts and invest $150 million in new annual funding for CBC/Radio-Canada, to be delivered in consultation with the broadcaster and the Canadian cultural community.” “Review the process by which members are appointed to the CBC/Radio-Canada Board of Directors, to ensure merit-based and independent appointments.” “That the (CBC) Board is not speaking out against these cuts…it reinforces that nine out of eleven board members are Conservative Party donors.”

“Cancel the $115 million cuts announced in the 2012 budget and guarantee stable, predictable, multi-year financing to protect CBC/ Radio-Canada from advertising market fluctuations and to help ensure its editorial independence from government.” “Implement an independent process for appointing members of the CBC’s Board of Directors;” “The strongest guarantee against political interference is a strong, willful, competent board of directors. If you put in a bunch of bagmen and party hacks…and they are just there to attend meetings and do your will, they’re not going to be able to stand up to anything.” “Ensure that CBC/Radio-Canada demonstrates that the sale of its assets serve the interest of Canadians and of its mandate.”

For more information about where the parties stand you can view online interviews with the leaders of the Green, Liberal and New Democratic Parties who all participated in FRIENDS’ Leaders’ Series about the CBC.  FRIENDS invited all of the leaders of parties with seats in the House of Commons to participate in the Leaders Series.  Neither the Bloc Quebecois nor the Conservative Party leaders responded to our invitation.

* Quotes from the party leaders who participated in FRIENDS’ Leaders Series about the CBC.

** Translated from French